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Aloha, and welcome to Maui Tour Company!

I think we can all agree: COVID just plain sucks.  We’re looking forward to the end of this, and in the meantime we are committed to doing everything we can to take precautionary measures to keep everyone happy, healthy, and stick it to this pandemic the best we can:

  1. Our vans are fully disinfected after every tour using the CDC recommended guidelines.
  2. Vans are parked in the sun as per weather allows and we do not schedule tours within 2 days concurrent as per CDC recommendations.
  3. Masks are required on every tour (we will provide them if you do not have your own, free of charge)
    *Wearing masks inside the van is up to you and your guide, a good general rule of thumb is if there are
    other people around, we will wear a mask.
  4. Hand Sanitizer will be available inside the vans and you are encouraged to use it liberally.
  5. With our precautions and the testing adopted by Maui County I believe us to be one of the safest tours
    available in the United States and especially Hawaii.

A Quick Note From the Owner:

My name’s Marty, and the most important thing to me is that you leave with a great impression of our tour company. Email and phone calls/text go directly to me, there’s no corporate unaccountability here (don’t you love hitting a brick wall with Verizon customer service before they drop your call?) Not here. We here at Maui Tour Company are fully and proactively committed to ensuring the safety of our clients, guides and most importantly the large proportion of elderly local residents of Maui (esp. in rural Hana).